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The Cadillac Leadership Class of 2021 is proud to announce their community service project: The Shay Showcase

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CLASS OF 2020 – 2021 


Mercantile Bank


Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce


Rexair LLC


Baker College


AVON Protection Systems

Class Co-Chair


4Front Credit Union


Wexford Missaukee Intermediate School District


Rexair LLC

Class Treasurer


Cadillac Area
Adult Literacy Council

Class Secretary

RJB Memorial
Scholarship Recipient


City of Cadillac

Class Co-Chair


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We are proud to have graduated more than 450 community members during our program’s history. Alumni are listed by name and company given at the time of program completion. If you would like to update your alumni information, please email leadership@cadillac.org.


Adams, Jerry | City of Cadillac
Aldrich, Tom | Cadillac News
Allen, Eric | BorgWarner
Allen, Jojo | Fekete, Knaggs & Burr Agency
Alpers, Mona | Fifth Third Bank
Alto, Dan | Chemical Bank
Anderson, Gary | Mercy Hospital
Anderson, Kristen | McGuire’s Resort
Armstrong, Tom | Wexford-Missaukee ISD
Arrand, Tammy | Orrin Sprague Agency, Inc.
Ashbay, Mari-Jo | Baker College/Wexford County
Ashley, Mark | Cadillac Casting, Inc.
Ault, Shari | Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau


Badner, Bob | Rexair LLC
Bailey, Josh | Cadillac News
Baker, Lani | Rexair LLC
Ballard, Deborah | Old Kent Bank
Bannon, Lisa | Wexford-Missaukee ISD
Barber, Kaycee | Rexair LLC
Barcey, Kris | Rexair LLC
Barnes, Doug | Rexair LLC
Barron, Steph | Avon Protection Systems
Barrozo, Amy | Chemical Bank
Bear, Cathrine | New Image Salon
Bear, Joanne | Citizens Bank
Bechtel, Cheri | Wolverine Power
Bejcek, Brian | Wolverine Power
Bell, Daniella | Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors
Belville, Alan | Rexair LLC
Berwald, Rae | McGuire’s Resort
Best, Rob | NW Michigan Works/CAHRA
Bilyea, Amy | Mercy Hospital
Bishop, Val | North Central Community Mental Health
Black, Jason | Avon Protection Systems
Blakemore, Doug | Baker College
Blanchard, Michael | Wexford-Missaukee Area CTC
Bleck, Kimberly | Northwestern Savings Bank & Trust
Blessing, Chris | Wolverine Power Cooperative
Blevins, Sandy | Citizens Bank
Bodary, Kayla | McGuire’s Resort
Boersema, Matt | Wolverine Power
Bonney, Kristin | Baker College
Bontekoe, Katrina | Wexford-Missaukee ISD
Booth, Paul | Rexair LLC
Bottomley, Jackie | Firstbank Cadillac
Boss, Julie | Wexford-Missaukee ISD/CTC
Brandsma, Cristen | Mercy Hospital
Brannam, Heather | Four Winns
Brannam, Suzie | Baker College of Cadillac
Brooks, Carolyn | Wexford Mercy PHO
Brown, Jo | NOC Industries
Brunink, Chad | Piranha Hose Products, Inc.
Buckley, Colleen | Cadillac Area Public Schools
Bunting, Patrick | Fifth Third Bank
Burns, Vianna | BlueWare, Inc.
Bush, LeAnne | WMISD/MI Works/CAHRA Scholarship


Casperson, Tom | BorgWarner
Cater, Kelly | Manpower
Catlin, Jon | Chemical Bank
Catto, Judy | Baker College of Cadillac
Champion, Dave | Cadillac Area Public Schools
Champion, Tina | Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Charles, James | Cadillac Renewable Energy
Christensen, Corey | Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Christie, Deb | Firstbank-Cadillac
Church, Christy | Citizens Bank
Clous, Ann | Avon Protection Systems
Clous, Patricia | New Image Salon
Coe, Tracy J. | Piranha Hose Products
Colwell, Clare | Firstbank-Cadillac
Comstock, Kari | Cellular One
Cool, Kimberly | Greenstone Farm Credit Services
Cooley, Adam | BorgWarner
Cooper, Alan | Wexford County Road Commission
Corner, Heather | Piranha Hose Products
Cox, David | Wexford-Missaukee Area CTC
Crawford, Wayne | Rexair LLC
Crawley, Chris | Chemical Bank
Cress, Kathy | Avon Protection Systems
Culp, Nancy | Tom Taylor Coldwell Banker


Dagon, Sharon | Compass Technologies
Davis, Michael | New Hope Center
Davidson, Max | Cadillac Casting, Inc.
Davy, Joe | BorgWarner
Davy, Shelly | PBS Party Store
Dietlin, Jeffrey | City of Cadillac
Denike, Chad | Orrin Sprague Insurance Agency
Denike, Michelle | Wolverine Power
Dent, Lucas | Home Helpers & Direct Link/RJB Scholarship (5)
Depew, Barb | Rexair LLC
Devereaux, Peg | Mercy OB/GYN Partners
DeView, Michelle | BorgWarner Thermal Systems
DeYoung, James | Mercy Health Care Systems
Dick, Cody | Wolverine Power
Dickinson, David | Kettunen Center
Dimmick, Theresa | McGuire’s Resort
Disbrow, Pamela | MSU Extension
Dodde, Sarah | Piranha Hose Products
Doering, Bob | Mercy Hospital
Dolorfino, Kendra | Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital
Donohue, Carol | WFQX TV-Fox 33
Downey, Gail | Northwestern Michigan College
Downey, Jennifer | Fox Motors of Cadillac
Downing, Bryce | Baker College of Cadillac
Drabik, Steve | 9&10 News/Fox 32
Drys, Cassandra | Wolverine Power
Duncan, Kelly | Piranha Hose Products
Duncan, Scott | Cadillac Casting, Inc
Durga, Jeff | BorgWarner
Dyer, Julie | Express Yourself Promotional Products


Earegood, Darrick | Darrick Earegood – State Farm
Eling, Josh | Citizens Bank
Ellis, Kristin | Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Ellis, Ryan | BorgWarner E/TS
Embertson, David | Cadillac Area Public Schools
Engels, Matt | Wolverine Power
England, Charity | Cadillac News
Ewing, Lana | Hampton Inn
Evans, Gordon | CMI Cast Parts, Inc.
Evans, Lindsey | Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan


Fagerman, Michael | Cadillac Realty by Fagerman
Farley, Scott | Cadillac Realty by Fagerman
Farmer, Kyle | Edward Jones
Featherston, Mark | WWTV 9 & 10
Fent, Samantha | Piranha Hose Products
Filkins, Carla | Mercy Hospital-Cadillac
Finstrom, Michael | Citizens Bank
Flohr, Sherida | Northwestern Savings Bank & Trust
Forbes, Bonnie | Wexford Co. Council on Aging
Fox, Wayne | Cadillac Sands
Frohmader, Cindy | AAR Mobility Systems


Gaffke, Jennifer | Wexford-Missaukee Area CTC
Gaffke, Paul | Birtles, Hagerman Associates
Gallagher, Michelle | Hospice of Michigan
Garrod, Sara | Cadillac Credit Bureau
Garvon, Deb | Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Gehrke, Tina | Affordable Flooring
Geiger, Michelle | Piranha Hose Products
Gifford, Leigh | Little Caesars
Gildner, Eric | Cadillac Casting, Inc.
Gillies, Deb | City of Cadillac
Goebel, Kristee | Fifth Third Bank
Gorman, Susan | Cadillac Floor Covering
Gott, Terry | Mercy Health Care Systems
Griswold, Katrina | Cellular One
Grix, John | Kettunen Center
Guiney, Karen | Hayes Lemmerz
Gustafson, Eric | Rexair LLC


Hall, Brad | Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Hall, Traci | NW Michigan Home Builders
Hankins, Karie | Piranha Hose Products
Hanson, Elizabeth | Mercy Hospital-Cadillac
Hanson, Karl | Wexford County Road Commission
Harr, Rose | BlueWare, Inc.
Haberling, Tim | Old Kent Bank
Harriff, Jack | Mercy Health Care Systems
Harwell, Shelly | Northwest Michigan Works!
Haskin, Brent | The UPS Store
Hawke, Jeff | City of Cadillac Police Department
Heilman, Lauren | Kettunen Center/WM Great Start
Henderson, Michael | Rexair LLC
Hepfner, Travis | Cadillac Casting, Inc.
Herman, Andrea | Wexford County Road Commission
Hesselink, Josh | Piranha Hose Products
Hill, Marielle | Piranha Hose Products
Hill, Randy | Baker College of Cadillac
Hoenshell, Joanna | Baker College of Cadillac
Hoffman, Sara | Wolverine Power
Hoisington, Laura | Wolverine Power
Holland, David | Blue Ware, Inc.
Holtgreive, Andy | Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Hottenstein, Kenneth | City of Cadillac
Houvener, Duane | PBS
Howell, Meghan | Wexford-Missaukee ISD
Howie, Bruce | WWTV 9 & 10
Hudson, Judy | U.S. Postal Service
Huckle, Chris | Cadillac Evening News
Huckle, Katy | Cadillac Evening News
Hunt, Bob | City of Cadillac
Hurrell, Shelley | BorgWarner E/TS
Hutchinson, Laura | Buyers Guide



Jacobson, Bobbi Jo | Muffler Man/OASIS/FRC
Jakubos, Jim | Rexair LLC
Jennette, Jeff | Wexford-Missaukee ISD
Johnson, Ginny | Cadillac Insurance
Johnson, Jenni | Harbor View Apartments
Johnson, Jon | Wolverine Power
Johnson, Laura | Rec Boat Holdings
Johnson, Serena | FirstMerit Bank
Johnston, Amanda | Advanced Optometry
Joseph, Bob | Kysor Industrial


Kangas, Tammy | Baker College of Cadillac
Kanouse, Tracey | Lakeview Lutheran Manor/New Image Salon
Karpicke, Karen | Highpoint Auto & Truck
Kassien, Jeff | Rexair LLC
Kassuba, Nick | Baker College of Cadillac
Kearns, Darin | WMISD/Baker College
Keeler, Jodi | Northwestern Bank
Keely, Darlene | Avon Technical Products
Keinath, Sara | MSU Extension
Kelsey, Brian | Chemical Bank
Kelso, Mike | Cadillac Area YMCA
Kent, Linda | City of Cadillac
Keller, Julie | Cadillac Family Physicians
Kielbasa, Brittany | 9 & 10 News/Fox 32
Kielbasa, Carl | Fifth Third Securities
Kimmel, Kathy | Mercy Hospital
Kindt, Kimberly | Reimer Eye Center
King, Tom | Wolverine Power
Kiomento, Helen M. | Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital
Kirk, Joan | Mercy Hospital
Klifman, Pam | City of Cadillac
Kline, Danielle | Piranha Hose Products
Kline, Stephanie | Firstbank-Cadillac
Kohler, Carlton | Financial Strategies Plus
Kohler, Corey | Carter’s, Inc
Kohler, Robyn | Wolverine Power
Kosloski, Kara | Cadillac Area YMCA/RJB Scholarship (3)
Kossick, Kevin | Junior Achievement
Krantz, Lia | B & P Manufacturing
Krolczyk, Joni | Networks Northwest


Lanc, Peter | Mercy Hospital
Langworthy, Teresa | Re/Max Central
LaRoque, Stefanie | Avon Protection Systems
Lee, Tac | Rexair LLC
Leesch, Scott | Chemical Bank
Lietaert, Kathy | Manpower
Lindamood, Gail | BlueWare, Inc.
Lipar, Tammy | Lakeview Lutheran Manor
Lockhart, Robert | Piranha Hose Products
Long, Cindy | Old Kent Bank
Long, Vicki | Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Loveless, Brandy | VanDrie Home Furnishings
Lovell, Luther | MI Dept. of Human Services
Lucas, Brooks | Cadillac Casting, Inc.
Luhtanen, Brenda | Lakeside Charlie’s
Lung, Rhonda | Avon Protection Systems/CAHRA
Lutz, Peg | Waddell & Reed
Lydick, Bryan | Mercy Hospital


MacEachern, Mary | Lakeview Lutheran Manor
MacEachern, Penny | Cadillac Casting, Inc.
MacKenzie, Jim | Mercy Hospital-Cadillac
Mackus, Charles | Consumers Energy
Major, Virginia | BlueWare, Inc.
Malcomnson, Monica | Baker College of Cadillac
Marcusse, Karl | Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Company
Marczak, Rick | Business Skill Development Group
Marsh, Ward | CMI Cast Parts, Inc.
Martin, Tim | Collaboration Consulting
Martinson, Heather | BorgWarner
Maxey, Deb | Wexford Habitat for Humanity/CP Scholarship
Maze, Kristi | Baker College
McAllister, Julie | Avon Protection Systems
McClure, Buster | Rexair, LLC
McClure, Heather | Wolverine Power
McCord, Kelly | Medical Arts Group
McDonald, Rick | Bellows Myers Lakin & McDonald
McGuire, Marsha | CT Rubber & Plastics, Inc.
McKay, Laurie | Wexford-Missaukee ISD
McKinley, Kristin | 9 & 10 News
McLaughlin, Katie | Mercy Hospital
McLeod, Tammy | Rexair LLC
McMahon, Ruth | Ann Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau
McNalley, Tim | Fifth Third Bank
McNeilly, Bobbi Jo | 9 & 10 News/Heritage Broadcasting Co.
McPherson, Melissa | Baker College of Cadillac
Mielke-Mitchell, Jamie | Kettunen Center/RJB Scholarship (4)
Miller, Dan | Piranha Hose Products
Miller, Dave | Cadillac Casting, Inc.
Miller, Krista | Firstbank-Cadillac
Mitchell, Bill | Baker College of Cadillac
Mitchell, Ruth | Baker College of Cadillac
Moeller, Sarah| Wolverine Power Cooperative
Mogan, Carol | Johnson & Associates
Molnar, Donna | Northwestern Bank
Mongar, Susan | 9 and 10 News Fox 32
Moriarty, Lorie | Chemical Bank
Morin, Mike | BorgWarner Thermal Systems
Mulder, Courtney | Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hosp. Foundation
Mullins, Mike | Piranha Hose Products
Murton, Lori | Avon Protection Systems


Neff, Jennifer| Avon Protection Systems
Nelson, Carol | Baker College of Cadillac
Nelson, Rebecca | Amicare
Nimeth, Amy | Four Winns
Nimeth, Zach | Piranha Hose Products
Nisbet, Charlotte | Hope Network West MI-Cadillac
Nordhof, Danielle | Fekete Knaggs and Burr
Norman, Christie | GNA Rehabilitation Professionals
Norton, Michelle | Evergreen Resort
Nowlin, Leslie | Piranha Hose Products
Nowlin, Nick | Creative Carpentry Inc. /RJB Scholarship (2)


Odette, Rick | Rexair LLC
O’Dwyer, Shaina | Avon Automotive
Olson, Erik | CMI Cast Parts, Inc.
Olson, Hollie | Hampton Inn
Ouellette, Doug | Old Kent Bank
Owens, Jason | Cadillac Casting, Inc.


Panasiewicz, Bill | New Image Hair Salon, Inc.
Parks, Jennifer | Four Winns
Patrick, Joshua | BorgWarner
Payne, Michelle | Wexford-Mercy PHO
Pearce, David | Baker College
Perrin, Joe | Four Winns
Perrin, Nicholas | Maverick Mechanical
Peters, Craig | Cadillac Casting, Inc.
Peterson, Heather | Blue Care Network of Michigan
Peterson, Robin | Cadillac Industrial Supply
Peterson, Sue | Avon Rubber & Plastics
Pfeiffer, Bruce | Fox 33-WFQX-TV
Phelps, Samuel | PADNOS
Piziks, Bethany | Cadillac Family Dental
Pontz, Bobbi | Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital
Potvin, Emily | Western Concrete Products
Powell, Sindi | Avon Protection Systems
Praamsma, Louis | Medical Arts Group
Priddle, Brian | Cadillac Casting, Inc.
Punelli, Jake | Cadillac Area YMCA
Putman, Mickey | Cadillac Credit Bureau



Ranguette, Ginger | Manpower
Reagan, Jennifer | 9 & 10 News
Reagan, Scott | Cadillac Chiropractic Center
Reinink, Rebecca | Cadillac Housing Commission
Rhodes, Linda | Cadillac Evening News
Richard, Katelyn | Baker College of Cadillac
Richards, Jack | Cadillac Area Public Schools
Richardson, Lisa | Northwest Savings
Richardson, Sheila | Cadillac Realty by Fagerman
Rickard, Bill | Piranha Hose Products
Rigling, Tim | Wexford Missaukee ISD
Roberts, Owen | City of Cadillac
Roderick, Jason | BorgWarner
Rosser, Mary | Mercy Hospital
Roth, Jerry | Rexair LLC
Rumohr, Lindsay | BlueWare, Inc.
Rundhaug, Sue | Department of Environmental Quality
Rushing, Julie | Wexford Community Credit Union
Russell, Janeen | Sweet Shop


Sanborn, Carol | Piranha Hose Products
Sanburn, Christiane | Cadillac Family Physicians
Sanburn, Mark | National Park Service
Sawyer, Laura | Chemical Bank
Schafer, Shirley | PRO Realty
Schneider, DeAnn | BorgWarner
Schonert, Holly | Cadillac News
Schrank, Mary Jo | Mercy Hospital
Schultz, Niki | Wexford-Missaukee Great Start
Schulze, Judy | Baker College of Cadillac
Schuster, Paula | Old Kent Bank
Schweigl, Brian | City of Cadillac
Schwarz, Charles | Wexford-Missaukee Area CTC
Schweitzer, Elizabeth | Analytical Services
Seehase, Diana | Mercy Hospital
Selewski, Steve | Rexair LLC
Seward, Matt | Cadillac News
Sharp, Dana | New Image Hair Salon
Sharp, Devin | Trusted Tree Service/RJB Scholarship (6)
Shavey, Kelly | Cadillac Family Physicians
Shaw, Edward | DNR Marketing & Outreach
Sherman, Tracy | BorgWarner
Shetler, Annie | NW Michigan Council of Governments
Shivlie, Mary Jo | Chemical Bank
Shultz, Valerie | Muffler Man/OASIS
Schutte, Kelli | Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Seguin, Eric | Cadillac Casting, Inc.
Sian, Alexandria | Manpower of Cadillac
Sievert, Lyn | Avon Rubber & Plastics
Silveri, Tony | Cadillac Area Public Schools
Skunda, Janine | Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Sluiter, Dallas | Van Drie Home Furnishings
Smallegan, Dean | Wexford-Missaukee ISD
Smith, Dan | Cadillac Area YMCA
Smith, Jenifer | Avon Automotive
Smith, Keith | BorgWarner Automotive
Smith, Kelly | Baker College of Cadillac
Smith, Sandra | Cadillac News
Smith, Shannon | Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Snider, Julie | Holiday Inn Express
Snider, Mark | Rexair LLC
Sodergren, Chris | Rexair LLC
Soles, Pamela | Wexford County
Spalding, Patrick | Wolverine Power
Stahl, Jason | Wolverine Power
Stearns, David | City of Cadillac
Strickler, Shane | Farm Bureau Insurance
Soltman, Jackie | Baker College of Cadillac
Squires, Shaina | CHS-Cadillac Area Public Schools
Strzynski, Lois | Baker College
Suminski, Pete | Blick Dillon Insurance
Sundelius, Robert | Medical Arts Group
Swanson, Lisa | Northwestern Savings Bank & Trust
Sylvain, Elaine | North Central Community Mental Health


Tacoma, Darcy | BorgWarner Thermal Systems
Tanner, Nancy | Wolverine Power
Tanner, Scott| BorgWarner E/TS
Taylor, Jeannine | Taylor Marketing
Taylor, Clayton | Piranha Hose Products
Tembreull, Vincent | BorgWarner E/TS
Thompson, Deborah | OASIS/FRC
Town, Tim | Blue Cross Blue Shield
Towner, Steve | BorgWarner E/TS
Traviss, Jason | Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District – Career Technical Center
Tuck, Rob | Wolverine Power


Ulrich, Andy | Club Cadillac


Vail, Amy | City of Cadillac
Valice, Brian | Law Offices of David R. Peterson, PC
VanderPol, Will | Life Skills Psychological Services
VanAlst, Julie | Wexford-Missaukee ISD
VanHaitsma, Eric | BorgWarner
VanHuizen, Keven | NW Michigan Works
Vlassis, Becky | Rexair LLC
Voelker, Becky | Baker College
Vugteveen, Robert | Crystal Flash Petroleum
Veddler, Tera | City of Cadillac


Waltemeyer, Brandy | Evergreen Resort
Wayman, Nat | BorgWarner E/TS
Weaver, Donna | Citizens Bank
Weedon, Lionel | Baker College
Weisheim, Gary | Cadillac Casting, Inc.
Welihan, Shannon | 9 & 10 News-Fox 32
Wennstrom, Christy | New York Life
Wennstrom, Jonathon | Cadillac Area Public Schools
Westhauser, Sue | Cadillac Area Public Schools
Weston, James | CMI Cast Parts, Inc.
Whelan, James | Cadillac Family Physicians
Wicklund, Janice | Wexford County
Wieringa, Marcia | Club Cadillac/RJB Scholarship (1)
Williams, Keith | NBD Bank
Wineland, Kari v Rexair LLC
Winkle, Tracy | Don’s Auto Clinic
Winkle, Travis | Van Drie Home Furnishings



Young, Nicole | Wexford-Missaukee ISD


Zakrajsek, Daniel | Western Concrete Products


Contact Kate DeKam, Leadership Director

(231) 775-9775


222 North Lake Street
Cadillac, MI 49601