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The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce (CACC) is dedicated to assisting members with local, state, and federal communications through partnership and legislation initiatives. The CACC focuses on local engagement through networking and increased marketing opportunities for our membership. The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce focuses on building local leaders within our region that will contribute to the growth and development of the region.



“The Chamber of Commerce in any community can be the hub of the business community.  Baker College has had the opportunity for this type of relationship with our local Cadillac Chamber over the years.  Given the challenges that the current environment has brought to all businesses, including Baker College, I am excited to have future leadership and business visioning being done by a re-energized staff in Caitlyn Berard, Hailey Soderman, and Kate DeKam.  This group has great passion, excitement and zest for the work that needs to be done to take our Chamber to the next level.  I am excited for the future of our Business community and the growth we will see form the Cadillac Chamber.”
Kelly Smith, Baker College

“Exposure and name recognition is a large part of growing a business, and that’s one reason I joined the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce right away when I started my business. Having my business represented at events such as Business After 5 and Rise Up – and being able to connect with other community members at those events as well – helped me get my business planted in the community.”

Gabrielle Haiderer, Yellow Wood Media Solutions

“We are fortunate to have customers around the world.  When we ship boat parts many countries require stamped and signed documents from the local Chamber of Commerce.  Without the help and expertise of the Cadillac Chamber of Commerce,  we would not be able to service our boats and customers around the world as easily.”

Paul Ryno, Groupe Beneteau

“Our Chamber membership is an investment in our community and helps us stay connected with other businesses.”