Spirit of the Community nominees must meet each of these three specific criteria:

Provide valuable service by devoting time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community, and

 Demonstrate leadership and initiative in the development and/or expansion of volunteer projects.



Nominations must be submitted on supplied nomination form ( Physically printed or submitted via our online submission form)

Initial nomination process has been simplified. You do not have to have all information at the nomination time but will be contacted immediately to help gather the required information and to supply names of those that may be able to help gather information.

Please review the nomination form carefully to ensure that comprehensive, quantitative information is provided which demonstrates the involvement, achievement and leadership of your nominee. The more complete the information provided, the more useful this from will be for those who make the selection of the individual to receive this prestigious reward.


A selection committee comprised of Comprehensive Leadership Series (CLS) alumni will  review all nominations and select both the Spirit of the Community recipient and Outstanding Citizen

Announcement: June 19th,2024

During: Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala @ Cadillac Grill/ Eldorado. Tickets now available. 


Sunday May 26th, 2024.

(This is the final date for all information, if waiting till deadline to nominate, must have information readily available for selection process. 

Spirit of the Community Award Nomination

The Spirit of Community Award recognizes and honors individuals who have devoted significant time and energy to improve the community’s quality of life and have provided leadership in development and/or expansion of volunteer projects, which have benefited members of the community.

We have changed this process to make it easier. Please Nominate name and give a few sentences about why. If you have all of the information to fill out please do, if you do NOT have all the information, please still list your nomination and we will follow up with you after to get additional information, accolades and accomplishments or help seek out others than may also have this information.

Nominee Name(Required)
Business Address
Nominator Name(Required)
Please describe the nominee’s local, state, or federal level participation. Include length and breadth of services, offices held in civic and service organizations, charitable activities, political pursuits, religious groups, merchant associations, Chambers of Commerce, etc. In addition, please describe how this participation improved the quality of life in the community.
Please provide specific examples of how the nominee has demonstrated leadership and initiative in the development and/or expansion of volunteer project(s).
Please list awards and honors received which support this nomination:
Discuss any additional factors you feel are important for consideration regarding the nominee for this nomination.