Ambassador Application

  • The Chamber Ambassadors are a dedicated group of business professionals who link the Chamber and the business community. Chamber Ambassadors act as the welcoming arm of the chamber, helping to recruit new members and welcoming new businesses to the area and to our chamber events to grow their network. Ambassadors at a the core of the Chamber business events. They enjoy the rewards of strengthening the Chamber, making new connections and accessing a wealth of resources and information.
  • Requirements and Expectations: • Be current members of the Chamber and in good standing. • Serve as an Ambassador for a period of at least on year. • Always promote the Chamber in a positive manner • Communication: An Ambassador MUST communicate on attendance. Life happens, please notify us within 24 hours of the event if you cannot make it, or something happened where you couldn’t make it. • Attendance: Must be able to attend at least 1 event per month. (Rise Ups/Ribbon Cuttings/Other Events. Governors Breakfast & Annual Awards Dinner should be your highest priority for attendance of large events. All hands on deck are needed for Governors Breakfast/ Briefcase Open. • Engage with Membership- Engage with membership as often as possible, Thank current membership for supporting, engage in conversations. Greet & Welcome members at events, Invite non-members and existing to CACC events, participate in gaining sponsorships for events. • Membership Growth- Make consistent membership referrals to CACC team. You will be placed in a drawing for each connection made. These names will be drawn for Sponsorships for your Business throughout the year. (July-June of each year) • Engage with Chamber- Read Chamber publications, newsletters, view the website, social media pages, share, comment, keep us informed of errors or feedback. Share resources of new information, member highlights etc. • I understand the mission and purpose of the Ambassador Program and agree to devote the time necessary to accomplish the goals of the program. • I further understand that if my schedule does not allow me to fully support my duties as an Ambassador for more than a short period of time, I will resign until I am able to fully participate. I will communicate via email or text if I am not able to attend an event. Professional Benefits: During your participation in the Ambassador program, you will grow your professional network. While attending events and volunteering, you will be introduced to new members, have your information in their hands before others in the same field and overall growing your business visibility and community reputations for both your business and yourself potentially expanding your customer base. Committee Structure: Club members will not hold seated positions at this time. Each club member will be responsible for their own participation and in building and holding a relationship with the chamber and staff. There is currently not a cap on club members. In recent years, due to the increased changes in workforce, the needs of the Ambassador club have changed. We need to be able to call on Ambassadors and have a decent number of attendees able to attend at any given time. This means the number of participants have increased. The number of club members will be dictated by the Chamber Staff.
  • Please list any specific dates you are not available. ( EX: 1st Tuesday of month is a Board meeting or Cannot attend Rise-Ups due to getting kids to school) *This question does not deter being an ambassador, just gives the Chamber an idea of where you can best be utilized.