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This year has been full of change and stress for everyone. Join us for this Leadership Learning Series to learn how to handle all of these changes and more coping skills.

Managing Stress Using Simple, Effective Coping Strategies Kristine Wilmoth MSCP, LLP – Clinic Manager at Pine Rest Traverse City
We have encountered so many new, unforeseen circumstances this year! And all of those have come with their own new sets of challenges and demands for constant adaptation. What can we do when our normal coping strategies are not possible or are not working anymore? As we face a winter that will likely be more-homebound than ever, many of us are wondering how we will handle difficult seasonal changes, our moods, maintaining healthy social contact, family dynamics, and pressure from the holidays. We will discuss some common feelings and reactions that we have researched and observed during this pandemic, and will provide a variety of strategies for gathering strength, confidence and a sense of personal control to get through tough times as easily as possible.

Building Resilience in Times of Uncertainty Kathy Grinsteiner – Provider Engagement Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
We are all facing unprecedented change in the workplace and in our personal lives. This presentation will provide tips and techniques on how to develop and strengthen resilience, enabling you to weather the storm of uncertainty.