2018/2019 Cadillac Leadership Class

2018/2019 Cadillac Leadership Program is proudly sponsored by: Fox Motors of Cadillac

Deb Gillies, Leadership Director

Kevin Baker  |  Out the Door Rent to Own
Michael Bush | Piranha Hose Products
Betsy Campbell  |  Piranha Hose Products
Tom Carrington  |  Rexair LLC
Joshua Fenner | Baker College
Katie Frier | Wexford-Osceola Habitat for Humanity
*RJ Blanchard Memorial Scholarship Recipient
Ryan Harris  |  BorgWarner
Eli Hoffert  | Maveric Mechanical & Plumbing, Inc.
Chris Kennard  | Double J Lawncare
Jarret Nelson  |  Avon Protection Systems
Allison Peters  | 9 & 10 News/Mane Content
Deb Rozeveld  |  Akwel
Rebecca Salm  | Chemical Bank
Andrea Thompson | Wexford Missaukee ISD
Kristopher Toy  | Club Cadillac
Tracy Logan-Walker  |  Cadillac Wexford Public Library

**RJ Blanchard Memorial Scholarship Recipient
RJ Blanchard Memorial Scholarship is underwritten by: B&P Manufacturing and Mercantile Bank of Michigan


A program for community awareness, networking and leadership skill development. This nine-month program is dedicated to the development of leadership skills through education, awareness and networking relationships.
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